CHATEAU facade grand
Built in 1750, the Castle of Bazeilles was Louis Labauche's summer residence, textile manufacturer installed(settled) in Sedan, under Louis XV. In the revocation of the Edict of Nantes, as other Protestant families in the time(period) to escape the persecutions, Labauche, at first installed(settled) in Reims, ran away towards Sedan, then independent principality.

By means of the central power of the time which wished the birth of an industry cloth merchant on the territory, Louis Labauche establishes one of the most important factories cloth merchants in France.

The considerable development of his company allows then Louis Labauche the realization of this house, confided to the architect of Lorraine Louis Héré, and then the acquisition, shortly before the Revolution, the rights of Seigneury of the village of Bazeilles.
EXTERIEUR allee orangerie
Important sculptured decoration, ironworks, taste pronounced for curves, asymmetry, formal garden; we have here a pure example of the architecture of the 18th, classified MH.

Today, a little manhandled by the time, the nature, the context, the fire in 1989, a échaffaudage always ready on the wing IS distort a little the balance of this magnificent house which, however, lost nothing of his elegance.