By car and on foot:
Routes with from the Ardennes theme (roads of forests, lakes and abbeys, road of the fortifications, routes Rimbaud Verlaine, road of Porcien etc.) allow to mix walks on foot from sites and monuments mentioned with a discovery by car faster of the whole from the Ardennes campaign(countryside).

Councils(Advises) and on-the-spot explanations according to your tastes and particular wishes.

In Bike and on foot:
For the amateurs of bike: a beautiful recent realization: arrangement(development) of the path(way) of hallage along the buckles(loops) of the Meuse(Maas) for the cycle or pedestrian traffic(circulation) on 80 km, with a dozen station SNCF(FRENCH NATIONAL RAILWAY COMPANY) where to put down(deposit) your car, to embark your bike for the chosen section, and to return to the starting point.
Rail service frequents(sees frequently), hourly and on-the-spot detailed plan.

And more near Bazeilles, cards(maps) detailed(retailed) for ballads between 5 and 25 km in the forest and in the campaign(countryside).

On the Water and in the air:
In canoe: ideal ballads on the rivers of the country sedanais (see calendar(timetable) of the planned exits(releases)), the descents of Semoy and Lesse.
The acrobatic routes(courses), from trees to trees, with Adventure Terraltitude (the biggest Tyrolean), the perched Oak.

And in the cultures:
Hike(Ride) closes steps with discovery of exploitations(operations) and snacks-tasting), and 4 ° festival in the farm (the art in the farm) (see calendar(timetable) of the planned exits(releases)).

Center Omega (the sky and the science otherwise(differently)), the House of the slate, the Museums of the Forest, the Ardenne, the Felt-tip, the fort of Sedan, Broth, Verlaine, Rimbaud, War and Peace, the water and the fire(light) to Vendresse, of the Last Cartridge to Bazeilles, the Abbey of Orval etc. …

We try to have on the spot most possible interesting documentation. Make also leaves us your comments.

In the castle:
The 7 hectare park for your jogging of preservation in shape. A leaflet at your disposal allows you a visit commented by the architecture and the history(story) of the classified park MH, facades and various buildings(ships) (orangery, music detached houses(music flags), castle, dovecote). Classified set(group) MH.

The association of the friends of the castle favors the exchanges between artists and a public interested in the meeting with painters, musicians, every people livened up(led) by a particular, unreasonable madness, being the object of a writing and an interrogation.

At present are hung on(collided) the paintings(cloths) of Thérèse Bisch, Claude Jeanmaire!

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