In 2016, the Orangery will be proposed, among others, in the rent.

ORANGERIE mariage original
Space, greenery, charm and character of a historic place will allow you to offer to your guests a frame(executive) of reception which can only delight them.

  • Own garden, 4000 m2, in the face of(in front of) the orangery for your apéritif, cocktail(cocktail party), etc. outdoor.
  • Park for the walk of your guests and the shots photo.
  • Hotel business in the park for the accommodation(hosting) of those of your guests who wish to live(lie) on the spot.
  • Parking lot within places.
  • The Orangery, 150 m2, cannot welcome that the receptions not exceeding(irritating) 80 people including the dance floor, or 100 people without dance floor.
  • We rent(praise) these premises(places), warmed, lit(enlightened) with the furniture: Round or rectangular Tables, chairs fabrics(tissues), candlesticks.
  • We put cooking(kitchen), reserve, wash dishes(crockery), cold room, freezer, at your disposal, as well as a dance floor.
  • You bring in caterer and DJ of your choice. Lingerie, Dishes(Crockery), Sound system(Dubbing) and Lighting effects(Play of light) are a part of their services(performances).

We are at your disposal to visit on produce you by telephone in 03 24 27 09 68.

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